It’s the Weekend

Hey all!

I hope you are all having an AMAZING weekend. I can tell you that I am for sure! Manfriend is away wilderness camping with the boys, and although I was invited, I decided that because I just finished working six days in a row and start another pretty long stretch Monday morning at 4:30am, that I was better off staying home.  They are hiking in 15km to camp for night one, another 5km to camp for night two, and back 20km the third day. That was a lot of work

Friday I ordered myself to relax when I got home from work and just do what I wanted to do. I rarely have two days off that coincide so when I got home at 5pm I was OVERWHELMED, and I mean, almost to the point of tears overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do with my weekend.  I finally decided to calm down and just do — what I felt like.

I spent a good hour just lying in the hammock. My favourite place in the yard. I failed to take a picture this time because I was relaxing, so here is an older picture of my ukelele in my hammock. It was either this or Manfriend’s hairy legs.

After that, I watered the garden. My landlord and I have been working on the garden together this year and it has become a thing of beauty.  I am in love (as a first time gardener) and seriously enjoy when it’s my turn to water. It has been my turn the last two weeks because the family above (my landlord’s family) is on vacation.

I harvested some veggies as well, and made a pact to myself to NOT go grocery shopping this weekend (Manfriend and I usually go Sundays and he has the car so its a little difficult anyways to go right now) and to use as much produce from my garden as I can and eat as clean as I can!

I should be able to stay healthy and sustained on this cucumber alone.

My feet are size 11

I also want to bake my very own Kale Chips this weekend using Kale from the garden! I will be posting the recipe next week and hopefully you guys can try it out as well. I am also going to have some edamame and that will be making me one happy camper.

I got a great sleep last night, started my day right with an extra hour in bed (ahahaha), and then watched an hour long motivational commencement speech I will be writing about next week. It replenished my soul and reminded me all about who I want to be, and to love and spread kindness.

So that is the start to my healthy living weekend! I also HAD to stop at my favourite cafe – Prado cafe on Commercial Drive in Vancouver — to get a latte. But that is IT, the only spending I will do this weekend!

My usual Saturday a.m. stop!

I have so far biked a half an hour to hang out with my friend Natalie today, and we have had snacks of banana chips while we make a roast and do some work. Off to Yoga later, and I will ensure you get a full update on the rest of my weekend Monday!

Mmm a handful of banana chips!

What are you doing to make this weekend a healthy one — for your mind, body and or soul?



6 responses to “It’s the Weekend

  1. That looks like a great weekend! So relaxing :-). And beautiful produce too.

  2. Hammock, banana chips and pink guitar! Sounds like a great weekend! Now, about that cuke … could be the largest we’ve ever seen. Congrats, happy gardener!

  3. I want this weekend. It looked so peaceful, fabulous, refreshing, calm. 🙂 Good for you.

    • Thank you! It was wonderful. Quite rejuvenating and I got a lot done. Trying to continue to get things done during the weekdays with the same calm attitude!

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