Help a Hero

Hey guys,
This kind of post is very unusual for my blog and I promise it will not become a regular thing. However, it has come to my attention that one of my favourite high school teachers is in need of some support.  She was an amazing influence to myself and countless others, teaching us morals as well as school material. She still works full time supporting kids and their dreams. She is probably one of the only reasons my brother and I finished high school in one piece.

This teacher has two children with autism, and due to a lack of government support, her husband stays home full time to take care of them. Due to my teacher’s desire to provide them with much needed IBI therapy (which is shown to help them develop life skills and coping mechanisms), they have faced some emotional and financial issues.  Her husband is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery due to complications for his diabetes.

I will be running my 5km race at the end of September to raise funds for this incredibly generous woman and her family.  If you choose, you can donate either at my Donate page here, or if you prefer, you can donate directly to the indiegogo campaign.  Please don’t feel like you have to donate at all, but spreading the word would be helpful, or even taking a minute to remember and thank a teacher of your own.

Laura K.M. is an educator, a mother and a wife. She’s influenced, changed and improved the lives of thousands of different students over the entirety of her career as a high school teacher in the Greater Toronto Area.
Her room (often a safe haven for the misfits and the ridiculed) has served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for students of all shapes, colours and sizes.


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