And the Winner Is!

We Have A Giveaway Winner!

But first… as promised, Traveling Tuesdays has a new home!  All things travel have moved to my new blog here.  Soon all the posts on travel from here will also be over there!

But now, back to the giveaway. I used to put in how many comments I received (35, but only 31 were eligible) and then it came up with a random number so I counted down the comments the number that it came up with. Which was,

Number 20!

So I counted twenty numbers down to the winning comment, which was by Erin!

Erin’s winning comment was the first one!

I agree with Erin that our twitter friends can be a huge source of inspiration.  Here are a few more answers from the giveaway! They were all amazing!

I love thewickedpixie’s point about being able to laugh. I totally identify with this because I pause workout on my app before I do ANYTHING else if I have to stop. I could have a dog biting my leg and I would probably hit stop app.  Also, I took a super embarrassing fall one day and was so concerned about losing time I didn’t realize I was missing my jacket.  It’s good to laugh.

Also, Freckle’s Run makes a good point. It’s a good thing we are a running club and not fight club. That made me giggle.  Runner’s are weird! But we’re awesome.

There were many comments about food too! JF talked about food combining (which I will be posting about sometime soon).  And Georgiana talked about new recipes and cooking. That’s one of my favourite things about twitter — seeing people make awesome dishes and going to their blog to find the recipes.
So, congratulations to Erin! I will be contacting you soon regarding prize choices and how to get them to you! Thank you all for participating and for the great conversation.  It made my shin splint injury so much better to read all your amazing comments!


3 responses to “And the Winner Is!

  1. Yay!!! I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. Congrats Erin!
    It’s funny to consider myself a runner now.

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