So that run we were going to go on…

Yesterday morning I wanted to run.  I have given my shin splints a week off again, because they were bothering me (and because I wore flip flops to the beach…. which may or may not have set them off).  I did everything else last week. I biked, I did some yoga, I walked, and that whole time I could NOT wait to run.

And then yesterday morning I was going to get up, and give it my all.  I thought “Today is a beautiful day to get outside and … zzz …. zzzz…. zzzz.”   Suddenly it was 11am. I worked soon. No time. Darn.

Well, fast forward to Monday (today, in case you all forgot).  Me and my pretty shoes were about to hit the road.

I laid in bed for a whole hour, a whole HOUR before getting up.  And then, I took out my running pants, rolled them back up and put them away, and then took them out again and put them on. For some reason it was all so much WORK today to get up and get going.  But I did it. I was out the door. I had my nike app going, no music (naked run ya’ll), I made it one lap around the block (.5km) and..

Stupid Shin Splints.  Although it is kind of my fault, so I will take responsibility. However, it shouldn’t have derailed me — I could have kept walking or jogging, and I tried OH I tried… until

For some reason I couldn’t stop coughing. So I gave up. I don’t usually give up and I don’t ever recommend it as a go-to plan of action… but I really really really really REALLY needed to stop. My body was screaming “Keep going and you’ll regret it” so I listened.

Manfriend had to convince me to take off my running shoes because  “you don’t want to ruin them” and I am still wearing my workout gear, three hours later, as I type this all to you. I have a refusal to believe that I will not go three kilometres today! I went 0.5 though, so I guess that’s something.

A very, very, unimpressed me.

So I decided to shrug it off, eat something awesomely healthy (oatmeal with granola and banana and my usual cup of coffee), and start planning my RunDisney vacation! I also decided to do SOMETHING physical and got in my plank for the day!

So I don’t feel too bad.  Here’s this weeks summary so far.  Goal: 9 km (+ 9km from last weeks 0), So far: 0.5km, To Go: 8.5km

A little progress is better than none at all right!?

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What’s the most frustrating run/fitness attempt you’ve ever experienced? How did you use it to motivate future attempts?


3 responses to “So that run we were going to go on…

  1. Bahh poooo to the shin splint..but at least you tried!

  2. I had one the other day where I called it quits. Sometimes that’s better than forcing a miserable run I think! The next time I went out I had a great run so I think it worked 😉

  3. Oh double yuck. I know! Not shin splints but PF. IT, hips, argfhh. But you did the right bing by stopping, listening and giving your body more time. It screams, you answer.

    I know it’s hard but you know what to do. It will get better and you’ll get back at it. Say it like Arnold: “I WILL BE BACK. ”

    You will.

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