Travel Tuesday

Welcome to the last Travel Tuesday that will grace the pages of this blog.


Before you all start screaming “WHAT? TRAVEL TUESDAY IS MY FAVOURITE HOW DARE YOU!?” Travel Tuesday may be gone from Live, Travel, Eat and Run, but that’s only because it has a new home of its very own that I will reveal next Tuesday! My passion for travel is competing with my passion for running on this blog, so Travel Tuesday’s is set to have a new home of its very own.

That way, those of you who want to read about travel can do so in the new, top secret location… and those of you who want to solely read about running and cooking can do so here. And of course, you are welcome to travel to both blogs all the time (get it, “travel”)!!

Without further ado, I know you are all waiting with bated breath for the second installment of Travel Tuesday Vancouver Island

Travel Tuesday Nanaimo

Nanaimo was a really cool little place up the coast from Victoria on Vancouver Island. I spent a lot less time in Nanaimo than I did in Victoria because we didn’t stay a night in Nanaimo. However, the day I did spend there was fantastic!

View on the drive

View without fence 🙂

One of my favourite part of the trip to Nanaimo was the scenery on the drive up the coast. There were a few pullovers on the way, and they all showed different views of the ocean and islands. It was incredibly beautiful… minus the fence in the way. Nothing too special about that fence!

I also may have a slight obsession with harbours, and Nanaimo harbour in particular. You will be able to see more of this next Travel Tuesday  in the hundreds of pictures I took today walking through Stanley Park of houseboats, harbours and other boats. I apparently have a thing for boats.

Nanaimo Harbour

Some serious boat love here.

I also, since I have moved to Vancouver and the West Coast, been fascinated with floating boat and seaplane gas stations. Say what? A gas station on the water.  Yup.  Colour me amazed!

Floating Petro! Collect points in your boat!

One of the best parts of Nanaimo was prices. It was really awesome to walk along the harbour for free, we went to this amazing little Vietnamese restaurant that was clearly popular among locals called Pho A Dong — and it was delicious and both of us could eat for under twenty dollars!

(Sidebar: We thought we were going to eat at Mandarin cause the GPS said we could go to Mandarin, so we followed it there, and it was a Chinese restaurant called Mandarin that was not buffet Mandarin… I’m glad we found Pho A Dong!)

And parking was even cheaper than normal (this photo was featured in a Picto-Vation a couple weeks ago… but its so awesome after having to pay 5.00 for a half hour in a bigger city that I had to show it again)

And this city had angry birds candy apples. But oddly enough, no Nanaimo bars. I found one, but they were closed.

The best part was that we caught the ferry back at sunset, and there were some amazing shots I got over the ocean. Of course my jacket was puffed up and I looked hilarious, and the camera was shaking, but I’m still very excited to share them with you.

If nothing else, I hope this inspires you to take a ferry, find some boats to be amazed by, maybe get gas at a floating gas station, and watch a few sunsets.

See you next week, same time, same place at a special, to-be-announced location!!!


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