Happy Monday!

Hello everyone!

I hope your weekends treated you well, and that you got to spend a little bit of time doing whatever it is you needed for you, as well as spent some time with friends and family. For the runners, I hope your long runs went amazingly well, and for the non-runners, well I hope you accomplished something you wanted to this weekend and it went well too!

I have had a busy four days off, and its about to get busier! My friend moved here from Ontario on Friday so I spent Friday and Saturday helping her set up and then yesterday had some time for myself and manfriend.  I organized some drawers, went for a run that felt pretty good (minus my GPS messing my stats up, but I guess sometimes we need that), and today my Dad is in town! So I’m about to head downtown to reunite with my favourite Father.

He’s a runner too you know! He ran his fastest 10km in just over 35 minutes, and he recently (at 56 or 57) climbed the CN tower in 18 minutes.  He’s really fit, and my fitness inspiration!

I should have started listening to him earlier when he said that every hour you spend working out is an hour you put in the bank of life. But better late than never!

Me and Dad on my 20th birthday

I’m so excited to spend the day with him. But also, there will be some major updates coming soon to this blog, so stay tuned!! I hope your weekends were fabulous.
What is something you are looking forward to this week?



4 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. What a positive start to the week! Also, Dads are awesome, and I don’t know what I’d do without mine (even if I do only see him twice a year).

  2. I’m with you on better late than never. We are slowly improving and making ourselves better too!

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