The Liebster Award!

Hello everyone! I hope your weeks are going amazing, and I’m so excited about today’s post I have to share with you!

Abby from Back at Square Zero let me know last week she chose me for a Liebster Award! I feel awesome about this (thanks Abby!) and now I get to share a little bit more about myself with all of you.  I’m really excited to share!! I also got tagged for this award by Cristina at Triathlon Mami a little while after Abby but before I had a chance to post this, so thank you Cristina!

A sidebar: Normally I update on my fitness goals on Thursdays — but I’ve moved that to its own page that I will edit every Thursday, so make sure to check up over there (*points*) if you’re curious as to my recent progress! I want to write more about other things, so that’s why its been moved.  Now, without further ado, the Liebster Award!

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers (with Liebster meaning sweetest/kindest/nicest/dearest/welcoming, etc. Lots of nice stuff.  It’s given to new bloggers by other bloggers, and the rules are as follows.

– each person has to post 11 things about themselves
– each person then answers the questions the tagger sent for them AND creates 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged
– choose 11 people and link them in your post (that one will be a challenge because I’m not sure I know 11 bloggers that haven’t been tagged yet!)
– Notify the people you have tagged, and you can’t tag anyone back.

Eleven Things About Myself

1. I went to a high school that had a dedicated Arts program, where I majored in Vocal. 

I am a singer and a musical nerd, but decided not to pursue it after high school and now really just want to learn the violin.

That’s a picture of my high school, which features a two story auditorium, multiple dance/music/art/drama studios and state of the art instruments/supplies/floors for all disciplines. Its rumored that we sold our football team (the money that it would cost to have one) for the grand piano in the auditorium (which is probably not so false a story).

2. I am a ridiculously dedicated Canucks fan.

I didn’t even know anything about hockey until the 2010 Olympics. Sure, I’d watch it from time to time when my boyfriend did, but I actually started to ask questions and learn during the Olympics… then I watched the NHL and fell in love with the Canucks. Although I jumped on the Canucks bandwagon at the same time as a lot of others, you will NEVER see me get off.  It’s hard to believe now that four years ago the words “I hate hockey” would have come out of my mouth.

The quality of this photo is terrible, but the ice was bright, and it was probably taken on my old blackberry

3. I have a pet dog named Sage who lives at home in Ontario with my parents… and I miss her more than anything in the ENTIRE world. Here are some adorable pictures of my adorable puppy.

She is THE most lovable ball of fluff, and loves to chase things, and sometimes does silly things, but I am smitten.

4. My dream job is a travel writer

There is nothing more in the world I love than traveling. I honestly wish I could do it all the time. I want to explore every place, big or small, and wish there was some way for me to do it on a budget. Exploring new places is what I love. If I am not on a plane to travel somewhere new every once and a while, then I get a serious travel bug.

5. I have a degree in International Relations (we called it Global Studies) and Psychology from University and now I’m back taking high school classes

I don’t know why this is very informative, since most of you know that I work at Starbucks… and I have chosen not to use my degree, for what it was meant for anyways. I really want to be a paramedic, so I’m taking online classes in science and math since the aforementioned arts high school didn’t really push those subjects on us.

6. I own a backstreet boys nightgown (note: I have not worn it in the past 15, 12, 10, okay 8 years.

I was cleaning my room when I took this. Getting ready to move. It did not come with me. But it was saved.

7. I get carsick super easy.

Just be forewarned, put me in the front seat and give me some mint gum or you’re going to regret it.

8. Until I was 4, I refused to use public washrooms.

I would rather go outside. That is the opposite now.

9. I have this burning desire to travel to the Yukon (and every province/territory in Canada)

If I could tell you why, I would. Trust me. My boyfriend asks me whenever I mention it… and I have no answer for him. Other than “but its North!”

10. I can list the States of the United States in alphabetical order

But don’t ask me about where they are geographically speaking… because other than the ones that border Canada, California and Florida I have no clue.

11.  I have a little brother who is 20. He is an amazingly talented musician and photographer.

My only sibling 🙂

He’s in the middle. My cousin’s on the right.

We are bigger now.

The Questions from Abby:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I used to blog in high school and I have a serious love for writing. In high school my blogs were “this boy did this and this happened and I hate this or love this” so it turned into quite the problem for the rebellious version of me.  This blog is much more mature (most of the time).  A girl I know from University had a blog for a while when she started running, which was inspiring, and then I found Ali On The Run which is one of my favourites to read… and I thought “I should start one.”  Live, Travel, Eat and Run was supposed to about everything but has turned into mainly a running blog to keep me accountable and connect with others. I write about travel every Tuesday (which has proved hugely popular, maybe I should be a travel writer!) and try to write about something else inspirational/recipe wise on Wednesday or Friday’s.  Basically whatever I feel like writing.

2. What has been your favourite part of the experience so far?
Reading everyone’s comments, reading people’s blogs and learning all about everybody else’s journeys and transformations! I also am a huge fan of all the people I’ve “met” on twitter, especially through the plank a day challenge and I am so excited to keep getting to know people and being able to share with everyone!

3. If you could gain one thing from blogging, what would you hope it brings to you?
Perspective on life and memories. I think in a few years (whether I’m done blogging or not) looking back on my little “corner of the internet” (my brother’s term) and seeing all the goals and how much I love life and tracking where I was to where I hope to go will be amazing.

4. What are you most looking forward to right now?

Immediately: dinner at the Mandarin (its been SO long)

Short-term: getting back out to run next Monday

Long-term: My half marathon at Run Disney in January!

5. What do you do when you are stressed?
Eat and/or shop. Two of the WORST things I could do!! I try not to do those things and instead call my Mom, my best friends or go for a run instead. Its a work in progress.

Me and my Mom.. note: best friend and biggest fan.

6. What is one food you couldn’t live without?

Bacon… I’m obsessed (I limit myself to half a pack a month, fyi)

7. If you could only watch one TV show a week what would it be?

The big bang theory… BAZINGA! I own a shirt, and wear it proudly.

8. Where is your dream vacation?

ABBY this is the question I can never answer! I want to travel EVERYWHERE. My dream vacation would be to run the Boston Marathon and have my whole family and my biggest supporters there to support me, and then spend a post-race celebration week in Aruba (see how I did that?)

9. What is one goal you are currently working towards?

Short-term: Running a half marathon!

Long-term: becoming a paramedic.

Very long-term: travel the world!

10. Do you have any children or fur babies?
She may not count cause she doesn’t live with me but since she’s definitely my fur-baby here are some more adorable pictures of the greatest dog ever… Sage!

Sleepy puppy!

My BFF and future running buddy (hopefully). We will be fine as long as we run towards squirrels and other dogs.

Sometimes she is like a seal.

11. Favorite ice cream or fro-yo flavor?

Raspberry with yogurt chips. My old hamster used to love yogurt chips… but the hamster kind, not the human kind.

My Nominees

I apologise if any of you have been tagged for the Liebster Award already… but I wanted to tag you anyways because I think you are all super awesome, and you should know that!

1. Britt at Blissful Britt
2. Kate at Run with Kate
3. Mindy at Mindy’s Fitness Journey
4. Tyly at One Mile At a Time
5. Katie at Katie Moves
6. Anne at This Running Mom’s Life
7. Kelley at She Is On A Run
8. Lena at The Beginner’s Runner
9. Amanda at Becoming A Healthier Mama
10. Anne at Dashing Dane
11. Laura at Mommy Run Fast

My Questions for You

1. What is your favourite thing about a community you’re a part of (virtual or real life community)
2. When did you start your hobby (whatever your blog is about) and why? What made you start?
3. What is your absolute favourite thing to do?
4. Describe your ideal day!
5. What is your dream job?
6. Tell me about a time you didn’t think you could finish something – how did you push through?
7. Do you like caffeinated beverages? What’s your favourite?
8. Proudest achievement to date?
9. Would you rather read a book, write, watch television or go outside?
10. Favourite candy?
11. One thing you can’t do for the life of you (for me its do my own hair in anything but a ponytail) but wish you could?


5 responses to “The Liebster Award!

  1. Your dog is adorable. I get car sick too. My first full was at Disney, so fun! Love learning about you.

  2. Loved learning those things! OMG i love your dog!! so she a labradoodle?

  3. Thank you for the award. I’ll be participating in the next couple of days. Loved you post & your puppy! 🙂

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