Where Did YOU Plank Today?

I’m in Victoria, so I want to keep this short – but I wanted to update you on a couple things. First of all, I won the Power Plank Challenge from last week! I won a tank top by Holly at running_baking. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me, and to all of you who completed the challenge congrats! And thanks to Holly and Mindy for hosting.

After a day off, I planked today! Wahoo! However, due to a long day of travel I wasn’t sure where I would end up planking. Eventually we made it to historic Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, which is a national historic site in Canada.


It was beautiful!

So I thought “I have to plank today. What better place to do it than here?” So I planked where Canadian and British soldiers walked, where they worked, by their canteen and their barracks.

Where did you plank today?!

2 responses to “Where Did YOU Plank Today?

  1. Amanda and I planked together in my parents office before leaving for dinner since she is visiting. Not as cool as your location.

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