Travel Tuesdays

Today’s Travel Tuesday takes us to the very VERY West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island! I am actually super excited because tomorrow I will be on a ferry and my boyfriend and I are going to be staying in Victoria for a night, and spending part of the next day in Nanaimo. I am going to eat one of these, food-watching be damned.

Oh deliciousness. Here are the highlights I’m looking forward to.

1. Going for a kayak

The plan is to rent a doubles kayak for 35 dollars which equals an hour on the water. SUPER EXCITED. For two reasons. One, because I love to kayak and I wanna see some seals and otters. Two, because it will count as a workout and my legs don’t have to do anything. They are very angry and shin-splinty at the moment which is frustrating. But I’m trying to rest them so they feel better.   Maybe I will see some whales! Hopefully one that looks like this


2. THIS hotel:

(all photos from the Parkside Victoria’s Website here) may be my NEW best friend… we got to choose a hotel last minute and this is what Hotwire gave us.

Um… yea. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. And I’m even considering giving me and my aching shins a massage. Yup, because Hotwire booked us at a spa hotel.

3. Driving the coast

On Thursday morning we will be driving from Victoria to Nanaimo and all along the coast. I’ve heard its beautiful, and I’m hoping its sunny. I will take tons of pictures.

I almost accidentally uploaded the WDW half marathon map, which would not have made sense here, but made me giggle.

4. Riding the ferry!!

Maybe I will see a whale, or two, or three, or some seals. Or something. I’m definitely bringing my good camera along for the ride.


5. Obviously eating a Nanaimo Bar

They were invented in Nanaimo… how could I NOT eat a Nanaimo bar?

So hopefully I will get some good non-running, no-impact exercise in and some serious rest for these legs of mine.  It looks like shin splints have reared their ugly head once again (in my head, it looks like this)

His hands are splints of wood.

This week has now become no-holds barred rest week (with a side of really healthy eating) for my legs. Wish me luck, because I WANT to train SO badly.


8 responses to “Travel Tuesdays

  1. Ahh, everyone is post pictures of delicious looking food today! Those Nanaimo bars look amazing! I’m trying so hard to be good this week, lol!

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  3. Amalia, you are hilarious. I’m considering stealing your shin splints picture. That’s so apt! Enjoy your travel – defo get a massage; but make sure they give you a full body one too 😛 – sounds like you could use a nice relaxing pamper session!

  4. I’m so with you right now on those crazy shins. We’re heading off to my parents, where I won’t have access to spinning classes or the pool at the Y… gonna have to get creative for two weeks! I’m hoping to be running toward the end of it, we’ll see. Rest up!

    • You too! I need new runners and insoles for work shoes but staying off my feet is impossible cause of work – and I don’t have a car so I walk or bike there. I’m starting to get frustrated – maybe getting creative is a better idea!!

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