Power Plank Challenge and a Virtual Race for you to join!

Remember on Thursday when I said I was going to plank once an hour every hour for 8 straight hours?  Well, I DID IT! Yes, I did. Not only 8 hours, but 12!  The competition called for 8, but 12 was a lot of fun.

Here are my official plank times for the 8 hours

My plank times and the hour they happened in!

And a picture of me planking in my Starbucks apron at work.

Good thing it wasn’t busy yet… I’m in the middle of the floor

This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I had a few close calls. The 23.2 second plank was because it was 6:59am when I started and I didn’t want to cheat by taking it in to 7am, so I literally made it the last 23.2 seconds of the hour! I wore a timer too to remind me when I had to plank.

Anyways, there will be some more official photos and recap later this week but I wanted to remind you all that


I am among the plankers with the least time planking in our little plank family and they do not mind one bit! I feel just as cheered on as those who can last over three minutes (yes, they actually can, and its incredible).  So plank for ten, five, fifteen seconds an hour for eight hours and you could win something awesome — even more awesome than a stronger core.

All details are over at Road Runner Girl and it ends tomorrow!

Just one more thing…

I’m running in a virtual 5mile race (there is a virtual 10mile one as well) being hosted by Laura at MommyRunFast – walkers are welcome and prizes are determined by random draw — so its an even playing field for everyone!!  Check it out and join me and others!


6 responses to “Power Plank Challenge and a Virtual Race for you to join!

  1. Congrats on your awesome planking today! I saw some pictures floating around on instagram and was inspired… might have to do a quick plank before I head to bed.
    So glad you signed up for the race! And thanks for sharing, too!

    • No problem! I’m really excited about the race — I don’t know where I am going to be living so its nice to do a 5mile anywhere! Thank you for hosting 🙂

      And you should definitely plank – it was a super fun day!

  2. So funny. Now, I would really be impressed if you planked with arms on one counter and feet on the other… Okay…go!

  3. Amalia you did sooo awesome!!! Thanks for doing the Power Plank Challenge!!! And I just LOVE the picture of you planking on the Starbuck’s floor!!!! Amazing!!!

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