Time for an update!

It is update day! I’m currently doing Plank-A-Day, trying to commit to my Fall 2012 running goals, tracking my healthy eating streak (which is slightly laughable at the moment, but at least I can find the humour in it all!), and having fun — so here we go with the updates!!!

1. Plank-A-Day

I actually did a lot better on this than I thought! It really helps to have SUCH a wonderful group of motivating plankers on twitter, who are there for me when I do well, when I don’t do well, and who are hilarious. I’m almost planking for the social aspect more than the core aspect. Although I definitely have noticed a difference after one week! I’m very proud.
July 19 – 1:05.3
July 20 – 1:02.8
July 21 – 0:40.7
July 22 – oops no plank
July 23 – 1:10.1 longest one yet!
July 24 – 0.45.1
July 25 – no plank — I went out and by the time I came back it had skipped my mind!

Longest plank! Woo!

I’d like to consistently hit over one minute. Once I do that, I’m going to try plank ladders. I want abs like Jessica Biel. I am SO motivated by the twitter people I follow who hit over 2minutes – so impressive!

There is a huge Plank-A-Day challenge going down on Monday, and I invite you all to join it! I am going to do it! There’s a chance to win a great tank top, and all the details can be found over at Road Runner Girl. @mindy_bobe and @running_baking are hosting this awesome challenge! You plank ONCE AN HOUR FOR EIGHT HOURS wherever, whenever!! Check the link for details 🙂 Come plank with us!

I promise a picture of me planking for you all next week, once bf returns from his Albertan adventure I’ll convince him to take a pic for me!

Plank a Day = happy Amalia

2. Healthy Eating Plan

I decided to define healthy eating by whether or not I hit under my calorie goal but also with some flexibility for some seriously healthy eating.  If you remember, I promised my running fund a dollar every time I succeeded. In addition, I promised my running fund a dollar for every day I didn’t spend ANY money. That earned my 2$. As for the eating, well, I’m not sure how much I made! It can be quite the adjustment to eating healthy.  The local shops around my house help though, I got all these veggies and fruits for 14.45!!


I’m committed and working towards it for sure, and even just trying and keeping track of what I eat has helped me lose 6 lbs since moving to Vancouver!

Mmmm peanut butter (I may have overloaded the tablespoon..)

Thursday – I was within 100 calories of my goal which = 1.00. I also learned pre-packaged luncheon meats are not worth the calories. Bye bye my love for salami!

Friday – I ate too much bacon.

Saturday – I made meatloaf… for the first time… it was delicious. Three slices later, I gave up a dollar.

Sunday – Best day of the week! I had 20 calories left for the day 🙂 = 1.00. My staples this day were some apples and peanut butter and also some oatmeal and greek yogurt with berries. Oh why won’t Chobani come to Vancouver!

Monday – Not too bad, but my bagel at work put me over the edge!

Tuesday – Sushi 🙂

Wednesday – This cheese plate from Timbre on Commercial Drive stole my 1.00.!

So in total I made 4.00 for my running fund out of a possible 14.00!

Yogurt with berries and oatmeal – yum!

3. Actual Running and Stuff… you know, working out!

Last week was my best workout week to date!! Although I didn’t meet all of my goals (3x running 1x cross training) I still was super proud and ran my longest run ever on Sunday! I had five hours sleep, eight hours of work (5:30am to 2pm) and then I went for an hour long run! I was super proud. If you add plank-a-day to my workouts I had a great week. Here’s the stats.

Total XT Workouts: 1, biked 12.9km
Total Run: 2 runs for a total of 11.74km, the most km I’ve ever logged in a week yet!
Long Run:
6.73km, pace of 7’10km with my fastest km at 6’06

The breakdown of my long run:

1km:  6’48
2km: 6’16
3km: 7’46
4km: 6’06 fastest!
5km: 7’50
6km: 6’48

I’m not sure what a lot of that means except that I can tell you my fastest km for the week was 6’06! It is not a new record, unfortunately. My fastest km is logged at 5’39 on a dreadmill while training for my 5km in Ottawa!

4. Have some fun!

Life can’t be all about work or you’re going to start to lose it! I made sure I spent some time with my ukelele in the hammock this week:

Some time eating great food (for free, which was the added bonus, courtesy of Timbre on Commercial Drive). I wish the picture was better, because it was delicious.

Yup, that’s a block of brie cheese. And yup, I ate it all!

Some more time exploring this gorgeous neighbourhood I am so lucky to call home:

I walk by this EVERY DAY 🙂


5. Summary

That sums it up for last week! I had a lot of fun, got out when I didn’t think I would, and I earned 4$ for my running stuff 🙂 In addition to 20 dollars worth of tips I’m up to 24$ for the week!  I hope all of you had awesome weeks and here’s my favourite picture from my long run. Next week I hope to be able to report I’ve made progress, cause that is what this is all about isn’t it!


Sunset over the city! Taken on the move




6 responses to “Time for an update!

  1. Your plank times are really similar to mine. We can work on it together, but you are right all their 2 minute times really inspire me.
    P.S.- I would have eaten the entire brie too.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! And you are doing awesome on your planks! So glad we all have each other in this!!! 🙂

  3. Mmm Brie. Except you are mistaken! Your Brie wheel was courtesy of your awesome friend Natalie, not timbre restaurant 😉

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