Some Good

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is short, but sweet.  There has been a lot of negative in the news and in our minds this past week, so I thought I would pump up your week with two awesome stories to help you remember how amazing humans and our world in general can be.

1. Christian Bale goes to visit Aurora shooting survivors.

Good on you Christian Bale. He left the batman costume at home, but the movie star became a real life hero when he went to visit the survivors of the shooting who are still in the hospital.  Read the story here


2. Strangers help a disabled boy meet his hero

At an open air concert of Blake Shelton’s in 100 degree heat, a disabled boy couldn’t see because he was wheelchair bound. His mother and sister tried to lift him but couldn’t, so two strangers stepped in and held the boy up for twenty minutes, even taking him to the front of the stage where he shook his hero’s hand and eventually got to meet him. Read the story here


And remember, as you reach for your weekly goals/monthly goals/life goals. If it is important, you will find a way. If it isn’t, you will find an excuse.  So taking ANY step towards your goal, no matter how small, takes you in the right direction and you’re further than you were yesterday! It’s all about the 1% a day.


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