Combating Self Doubt

Happy Monday Morning. I’m halfway through my work week, so although the rest of you are possibly dismayed at the idea of returning to work, I hope your weekends went well!! I hope you had adventures and loved every minute.

Today’s post talks about self-doubts.  We all have them. That little nagging voice that comes from inside your head that says “Maybe you can’t do this?”

I had it this weekend. On Saturday, I was at work, 8.5 hours and a tennis game and bike ride later I was thinking, I’m exhausted from this… how on earth am I ever going to run a half-marathon. And just like that I was considering dropping out of something I’m already working so hard to achieve.

Even in the land of cooking this weekend, I had a batch of cupcakes (my specialty) go very, very VERY wrong… like, un-salvageably wrong.  So when I went to make meatloaf for the first time Saturday night I was very worried my baking and cooking skills had collapsed much like the cupcakes.

They actually collapsed…. I’m still flabbergasted

However I tried, because beef is expensive and I didn’t want to waste it, and the boyfriend and I ate the whole pan (more on that later this week) and I realized, trying is what matters.  A quote really hit me today too.

Remember, finishing last is better than not finishing at all, which trumps never starting in the first place.

Remembering that is going to be the key. My feelings of self doubt about the half marathon dissipated after my first (and successful) long run yesterday. I’m sure they will return, and I need to figure out how to combat them.

Whether its in sports, life, a hobby, career, or relationships — how do you combat self-doubt when it strikes??


6 responses to “Combating Self Doubt

  1. I am soo with you, my work schedule kicks my butt!! Along with half marathon training and any kind of social life, I am ALWAYS tired!! I love that quote, I will def be referring to that!

  2. Hey! Thanks for following! I completely understand self doubt. I feel that way often! Most days on the way home from work I’m so exhausted that I wonder how I am going to go home, take care of 2 kids (3 if you count my husband!), do school work, and get in a run or some type of workout. At the end of the day, I feel better when I work out, so I force myself. I tell myself there is no other option. It always seems to help. There’s always another quote “You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow”. I’d rather feel sore!

  3. Self-doubt is inevitable. We all suffer from it. The key is to remember how far you’ve come and the goal you have set for yourself. If you had let self-doubt win before, you wouldn’t be so far along. Keep that in mind! Also, good friends (or blogger friends) who are having the same issues or have talked about them in the past, are good resources to tap into. Positive words can do wonders!
    Keep your head up, you’re doing a fantastic job!

    • That’s a great point about self-doubt — if it had won before I wouldn’t be where I am. Thank you so much for your positive comment! It’s appreciated 🙂

  4. Self-doubt is only a pin prick to help you keep moving! Good luck in your training, Amalia. And thanks for expressing what many of us feel when we have a big challenge ahead.

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