Its Thursday!

The title of this post could be the most boring one I’ve ever written, but it is Thursday, and that is a fact.  This week I am slowly getting exhausted. I wanted to get up at 6am this morning and run on my day off but like normal plans had to be adjusted as some cramps settled in to my legs and I did the right thing — slept until 10.

(K, maybe not the right thing normally, but today, definitely).

I will be updating some parts of this blog soon, had some serious motivation from other bloggers and decided that there is a lot I want to talk about and change and slowly but surely this blog is becoming a serious labor of love! I am very excited to be all motivated and such.

Yay, motivation!

Yup that’s me. Eating bacon. There are three foods I love in the world more than anything else, and one of them is bacon. The other two, for those of you who are curious, are peanut butter and mayonnaise. I put them on anything reasonable (i.e. I do not eat either with kraft dinner.. if I have kraft dinner).

With my running plan in line and my work schedule regular, it is time for me to head down the healthy nutrition path (oh boy.) I’ve tried to head down this path before but the amazingly delicious but bad-for-you things of this world win out EVERY TIME. I figure that my blog is a great way to start keeping better track.

So here is my commitment. I AM GOING TO GO ON A HEALTHY EATING STREAK AND SEE HOW MANY DAYS I CAN GO. For every day, I will add an extra dollar to the “run fund” — which is where my tips from work go.  I’d add more, but I’m not rich!

Beginning today I will not eat un-healthy.  You could ask what my definition of that is but I really couldn’t tell you. I just want to eat normal portions and not eat any fast foods or over eat.  I want to learn, mainly.

Breakfast today was a good start. A 1/3 cup of plain oatmeal (mom I can eat plain oatmeal now!) and a 1/2 cup of greek yogurt with berries and two glasses of water!!! I’m trying to wean myself off sugar so I don’t look like this all the time


Its really easy to watch what I eat now because I’m at home and have two days off. The real challenge is going to come when I’m working at 4:30 am and do not want to pack my lunch the night before.  We will see how I do. Right now, breakfast day one is done and I’m celebrating!

I’m also going to join this crazy plank-a-day challenge and see how long I can go every day for a plank. I wanna be all ab-a-licious and fit by my 25th birthday (next June, see, realistic goal).  So its time for some planking, PROPERLY (on elbows, I’m not superwoman.. yet).

So, look for some changes and some updates and some planking and some food-porn!



10 responses to “Its Thursday!

  1. I love the one dollar fund. That is an awesome way to motivate. Bring on the food porn!

    • Thanks Brittany! I’m very very excited to earn a dollar a day aha 🙂 I like to think its coming from the money I’m saving by not eating out!

  2. What is the planking challenge?

  3. the bacon dance!!!!!!! 🙂 totally remember that day! way to go on healthy heating and your plankng challenge. I’ve started skipping and doing lady pushups and crunches at my cottage and swimming 20 laps. maybe i did that 3 or 4 times over 2 weeks… hahah…. but at least i did something!!!

    • Aha, lady pushups. I like that you called them that! At least you did something — you should try planking every day and see how long you can go. I like it because of the challenge to myself!

  4. Maybe I should try that! lol

  5. ha! bacon and mayo! your runner’s body will thank you for the healthy eating. just as we thank you for the extra nudge to be more mindful of what we eat too — thanks!

    • I cannot stop eating bacon and mayo. Especially bacon. I love bacon. So much. I actually had to have a dedicated bacon day once a month so I could plan to eat bacon all day and not have it the rest of the month!

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