Fall 2012 Run Goals

So I haven’t really posted about running in a while, but that would be because I haven’t really run in a while. I manage once a week, in addition to working at 4:30am 5 days a week and biking often with the bf I am usually out of energy. Not to mention it has taken me FOREVER to get into a proper sleep schedule (which now, thankfully, I am in I think. Today I was barely tired at work!).

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing group of tweeters (?? not sure if that is the technical term) on twitter who are runners of every level, from those where I am to elite runners achieving what I can only hope to one day. One of those is rUnladylike, and today’s post about my run goals is inspired by her blog here

Why Have Goals?

I believe the photo explains this the best way, but without anything to reach for what is the purpose of our lives? Sure, I have goals for school, I have goals for my career, I have goals for me personally, and for my baking and hobbies. However, I haven’t set any recently for running.

Why Now? Why Here?

Sharing Goals Makes You Accountable. By sharing my goals with everybody who can see this page I hope to be able to write regular updates on achieving them.  I’m super excited to begin this journey (hopefully by stepping out the door for a run this afternoon).  I hope that every week I can post goal updates, and have something amazing to say.

I’m trying to harness the amazing feeling I had finishing my 5km two months ago (it seems so much longer), and remember that every time I step out the door I can feel like that again.


It helped that because it was my first 5km race, it became my 5km PR (36:37). So it’s not fast but I finished! I hate established runners who get all high and mighty about a 13min mile… but like I tweeted earlier this week… I’m moving faster than everyone who is sitting on the couch.


1. Run a PR at my next 5km in Sept/Oct (location and race TBD)

Because we don’t know where we are moving to/where we will be in September/October (I hope its still in Vancouver), I do not have a set race at this moment. Possible races are the Surrey Run for Recovery (5km) and the Colour Me Rad race (also 5km). I’m not sure how I feel about not having a chip timer and trying to figure out my time… especially at Colour Me Rad, since everything and you gets bombarded with coloured cornstarch (although it sounds awesome).

2. Stick to my training schedule starting in September. Until September, run at least three times a week, with one cross-train day.

I am so so bad for training right now. I get up at 3:45 am to go to work and by 1 o clock when I get off I am so pooped.  I’m ready to take a long nap, which means that I don’t go to bed on time again that night and I definitely don’t get a run in. This has to change. I love running, but its always taking that first step out the front door that kicks me in the butt. So, I’m going to get out the door for the next month and a half three times a week and then start training for my half marathon in September!

3. Run a 10km in November if possible (hopefully the Energizer Night Race in Vancouver.. can you say AWESOME!?) to set a corral standard for the DISNEY HALF MARATHON IN JANUARY!

I’m so excited about the half marathon… my goal is just to finish and have an absolute blast doing it. 🙂

4. Eat Health(ier)

I am on a mission to look up some new recipes and adapt to a new style of eating. I actually managed to resist fries someone bought for me from McDonalds today. I know, I was impressed too! I want more fruits and veggies and less salt and sugar.

5. Remember that how I feel is the best indicator of success (and keep learning!)

I am by no means a hardcore runner. Until yesterday I had no idea what a negative split was, that AG stood for Age Group, and a bunch of other things. I want to keep running to be healthy and learn along the way. I will not focus on the numbers on the scale or the inches of my waist, but everyday I wake up and I run I will feel good about it. And I have found some really helpful and motivating people at work, in person and on social networks and blogs that hopefully I can continue to connect with.  🙂

So those are my goals, and I will be sure to keep you updated as I go!

What are yours, and how do you plan on reaching them?

PS. They don’t have to be running related!


4 responses to “Fall 2012 Run Goals

  1. I think identifying your goals is a great way to track your achievement, and you have some great ones! Totally jealous of the Disney World half by the way. Good luck!

  2. Christina Bernardo

    Run a sub 2:00:00 in the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November!

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