One Month in Vancouver

I have been in Vancouver for almost one whole month.  I re-read that sentence and my brain went, “wait, WHAT!? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR TIME!?!” Well, its a good question brain. And here, in this blog post in the middle of the giant internet world, is the answer.

1. Working

You don’t need an explanation or pictures for this, its relatively boring, unless you count the multitudes of kicking people out of the bathroom because they have been in their for an hour or the preventing sandwich theft. Sandwich thieves, beware!

2. Festival-ing.

Now, this is something that has been awesome. Vancouver has had no shortage of fun festivals and activities for me to peruse! I started following any twitter account with Vancouver in the title when I arrived, and @VanCityBuzz has proved to be the most useful and the place where I get all the information about the following festivals I attended and ones I could not. You can link to the page here

No Car Day on Commercial Drive (June 17)

The first “festival” (I suppose it falls into this category) I attended was No Car Day, complete with impromptu anti-Harper parade and hula hooping.  The festival had food, fun, people, and despite the cloudy weather Commercial Drive was teeming with people as we all got to walk on the roads. The purpose was to encourage alternate use of transportation and although many people drove to the festival (which I found hilarious) there was bike valets and tons of kids learning about alternate forms of transportation and it was a great pre-work activity.

Greek Day (Opa!) The weekend of the 23-24

Greek Day on West Broadway in Kitsilano was actually a ton of fun. Way more people than no car day and Matt ( my bf ) got to use one of the barbecues to the anger of one of the older men barbecuing. We actually ate the souvlaki too! I had an amazing iced chai from east meets east and all in all it was a fantastic day.

Canada Day! (July 1st)

I took no pictures of Canada Day because I was too busy having fun. However, I had a great time, my friend Natalie and her amazing chef boyfriend had a barbecue that was awesome and we saw fireworks with a crazy girl screaming beside us (she was hilarious). It wasn’t Ottawa, but it was a pretty great Canada Day.

SPF (Summer Playland Festival) 2012 – July 06

I WENT TO PLAYLAND! Thanks to my little brother, Matt and I got to spend the day at Playland AND see Carly Rae Jepsen and Marianas Trench.  It was a fantastic day that led to us both being exhausted, since neither of us had spent that long in the sun in a very very long time… but it was incredibly awesome and only possible because of my little brother. A music festival critique I have is HAVE WATER BOTTLE REFILL STATIONS! The amount of bottled water we refilled (because we refused to pay 3.50 for another bottle) was insane and there is only one fountain available in the whole park!

But still, great.

Playland – AB Photos

Carly Rae Jepsen – AB Photos

Marianas Trench – AB photos

Two great shows, but Marianas Trench takes the cake. Their lead singer (Josh) was constantly in the audience, or doing crazy things, and the guitarists were laughing cause they couldn’t believe how crazy he was. They were also in their hometown and gave a fantastic show to an audience that had been with them for a long time.

3. Walking… a lot… and biking and running (my favourite form of exercise)

I walk somewhere every day, or ride my bike. That is a lot of movement. I thought I would miss my car, but I don’t. However, I do not encourage my family to get rid of my car since the only reason I don’t miss it is that Vancouver’s transit system is 10x the system that Toronto’s is.

4. Exploring with friends

Two of my friends from high school and one from university live here (one right across the street) so I’ve been lucky enough to explore some places with them!

Gastown and Canada Place

Canada Place – AB Photos

My friend Kerri and I went for sushi at Momo’s sushi (delicious, fyi, but huge pieces so don’t order a lot) and then explored a little bit of Waterfront one Thursday night.

Main Street

My friend Linae and I explored many cool shops and bakeries along Main Street. This particular photo was taken somewhere along there, and I wish I could remember where it was because it was an amazing amazing shop. I promise I will get back to you so you can all go there! I keep thinking North By Northwest but I know that isn’t it… I just thought typing it out would help me figure out what its actually called. Alas, nothing.

5. Planting a Garden.

My first plants EVER

I definitely planted a garden full of tomatoes and carrots and definitely have zero experience in this department. Therefore, the actual progress will have to be documented in a blog in the future… probably titled “the tomatoes have finally given up.” Nevertheless, I am super excited to start to try exercising my green thumb!

6. Going to Concerts and Games

Somehow, in a month, I have made it into BC’s two biggest stadiums. I went to BC Place to see the WhiteCaps play. It was funny because Matt called me and asked me if I wanted to go see the Whitecaps and I immediately said YES, because I want to experience as much as I can while I’m here… and then followed it up with “What sport am I going to be watching?” Luckily it was soccer, I used to ref so I have a pretty good idea of the game — but the fans were so amazing, yelling “BOOM” when our goalie drop kicked or goal kicked it and “YOU FAT BASTARD” when New York’s goalie did it.

And there was lemonade.

Then we also went to see Russell Peters at the Rogers Arena for Matt’s graduation! I bought him tickets as a present cause he is so darn awesome — and it was really great.

So that’s the answer to my question to myself… its more like what haven’t I done this past month! When I move on from this adventure of living in Vancouver I want to look back and know I did all I could to experience the city while I was here, and so far I’d say I’m on the right track! Stay tuned for some baking updates later this week, I made red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing and I’m so excited to share that and much more with you all!

How could I forget? I also played a giant game of checkers.


One response to “One Month in Vancouver

  1. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed Vancouver a lot! Inspired & impressed by all your activity. Oh, and un-sought advice from an ex-Vancouverite: Forget cars! Borrow/rent/buy a kayak — you’ll never look back.

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