Oh! Canada

Hello everybody! I am sorry I have been delayed recently, working from 4:30am until 1:00pm makes a sleep schedule crazy! I promise to be more vigilant with updates.  However, today I have to put a few I’ve been working on on hold because its Canada Day! I love this country, I love birthdays, and therefore Canada Day is one of my favourite days of the year!

Last Canada Day in Ottawa

I tend to follow a slightly ridiculous Canada Day path, with the silly hats and the flags and the clothes and the parades and fireworks. But you know what? Why not.  Recently our government has been causing trouble and coming under fire for a lot of interesting political decisions and actions (omnibus bills, election fraud, etc etc, this blog isn’t political so I’ll leave it at that) but that isn’t what I’m going to be thinking about today! No! I am going to be thinking about my friends and family and schools and all the things that make this nation what it is FOR ME — The people.

From left to right: Me, Kate Middleton, Prince William and my Mom.

Last year my Mom and I took a trip to Ottawa (for the record, my Mom is THE BEST traveling buddy EVER) to see the royals on their first visit to Canada! They were beautiful and we stood in the heat for six hours to see them with one of my best friends Michelle and her boyfriend John.  It was incredible. Such a great Canada Day and one I will ALWAYS remember! This year will definitely not be as awesome, but it will be my first Canada Day in Vancouver so I want to make it count!

To end off this post in the most Canadian way I can think of, here is a song that we used to sing in school to help us remember the provinces.

The provinces of Canada are fun to remember, fun to remember, fun to remember. The provinces of Canada are fun to remember, so come, sing them with me.


and PEI (Prince Edward Island)

Nova Scotia

And New Brunswick



Canada – AB Photograph

North – AB Photograph

From there you will see…




BC (British Columbia)

On the Seawall – AB Photograph

Vancouver at Night – AB Photograph

Harrison Hot Springs – AB Photograph

And of course we cant forget the territories!

Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon!

This country is an insanely beautiful place. So to all Canadians at heart in the world, no matter where you are, where you live now, if you want to become a Canadian or if you have been one for generations, Happy Canada Day. Remember, this is our country and our home.

Fireworks on Parliament – AB Photograph


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