Finally made it to Vancouver

For those of you who I know well, this journey was a long time coming.  For those of you who don’t we will just leave it at the fact that a year ago I was supposed to move here and didn’t and now I am finally here!  I arrived on Tuesday morning to a grey sky, but my great flight (see my previous post) and a nap left me rejuvenated. We spent 8.75 to get ourselves home with my three 50 pound suitcases (not one of them was over the limit Dad!) and Matt’s hiking backpack as well as our carry-ons.

How did we get home for so cheap you might ask…. the skytrain and walking clearly!

Yes, I was that awkward person on the train with a thousand bags and as we got further and further away from the airport Matt took the two backpacks off the pile and I stood with the suitcases.  Also as we got further and further away from the airport we looked more and more crazy!

We had a lovely offer for breakfast from a friend of mine whose house was en route to ours, but due to the amount of stuff we had and our desire to just get home we decided against stopping.  After the train,we walked a good fifteen minutes uphill with these bad boys. I was sore for two days.

This is our house. Its soooo cute. And it comes with a little cute puppy, a garden space, and really nice landlords upstairs and their six year old daughter.  Its in an adorable neighbourhood on a hill (drat that hill)! As you can see, the weather is grey. Very grey. But there are trees everywhere which make me a happy camper.

This is the view I get when I walk home from work.  My assistant manager and I went to the bank and I stopped and went “OH MOUNTAINS!” in true Amalia-style. She laughed. I guess she’s used to seeing them on a daily basis.  Yesterday was the only time I’ve seen the sun since Tuesday – and I’m getting the feeling that is the norm around here. Oh well, the craziness and character of the city kind of makes up for it!! I definitely should have packed more sweaters though!

– Amalia


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