On Changes

I hate change and I’ve never been good at transitions. I take my time with everything — try to make sure its all in a place and its all organized. I can be a fly by the seat of your pants person but only when I have a stable place to come back to that is always the same.

I had a great birthday weekend with fantastic friends coming from all over the country. People from BC, Ottawa, and then all other places in Ontario came to celebrate with me. I also had my last day at my Starbucks, which was sad. I will seriously miss all my customers and staff. Laurelwood Starbucks is a very special place and a place that is dear to me.

I was lucky enough to personally thank and say goodbye to many of my customers, but to those of you who have stumbled here and I didn’t get to thank you personally (as well as the ones I did thank) — thank you so much for making my work days amazing by being the incredible people you are!

Now I’m packing, and as such the posts on here may be a little bit sparse until I land in Vancouver next week! I also have fallen off the running wagon which doesn’t bode well for my 5km on June 24 in Vancouver. Oh well – I will do my best 🙂

Until next time

– A


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