5 Things I Love About Birthdays

It’s my birthday! Or, as my now home with me after eleven months of separation boyfriend calls it, ” it’s your favorite holiday.”

To those of you who believe a birthday is nothing to be celebrated I say pish-posh! You had a long and arduous journey before you were here and that in itself is an achievement! I love birthdays, and here’s why.

1. You hear from all friends, old and new.

You also get to weed out the people who don’t care. Maybe you have a friendship that is struggling – well, sometimes celebration can tip that in one way or another.

2. Now that I’m older I receive the most thoughtful gifts.

Gifts are not a requirement of birthdays anymore, except from family and stuff. Even then they tend to be functional. My brother is paying my admission fee to a race I’m running as my present this birthday – which is awesome. So when you get an unexpected gift from a friend that is really thoughtful it means much more than in the days when everyone had to bring a gift to the party.

3. It’s a milestone

Thank goodness I’m done being 23. Although the second half of it hasn’t been bad, in fact it’s been kind of awesome, it will be nice to have that arbitrary line drawn between last year and this one. Also, it’s a chance to look at what you accomplish and celebrate it and look at what you hated and forget it!

4. You can do anything you want to celebrate your birthday

If I told my closest friends I wanted to find a mossy grass pit and sit in it for forty five hours meditating to Bon Iver half of them would do it. The other half would probably wonder what the heck I was up to. But the point is you can pick anything to do on your birthday and your friends (as long as its safe and affordable) are going to go along with your hair brained schemes. Like laser tag.

5. There is cake or cupcakes.

There is nothing I love more than cake or cupcakes. Period. Except bacon. And birthdays.

Until next time
– A


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