Ottawa Race Weekend Day One

I am in Ottawa! My journey to my first five km race has almost come to an end. I looked fabulous this morning as I embarked on my journey.


Of course, my car then decided today would be a fine time to stop working. So the following is a timeline of my morning.

9am – get coffee and drop off keys at work, be that person all baristas hate who asks to have their water bottle filled.

908 – leave work for the road!

910 – return to work for three forgotten bagels

927 – realize car needs oil change. Go to mechanics on Regina st and university ave (highly recommended)

943 – waiting for car – car being evil and getting work up so it doesn’t overheat on the road. Costing me an arm and a leg.


1050 – Feed very nice mechanics iced coffees from Starbucks for not charging me to try to fix ac. Fill gas tank. On road.

1153 – at Tim hortons – ac fix did not work and two bottles of water and a blue Gatorade later I needed to stop – for coffee (jks, but I did get an iced cap)

1207 – stuck in Toronto traffic. Been honked at twice by truckers. Looking at airport wishing I had flown to Ottawa


333 – or sometime around then. In Kingston eating chubby chicken. Wishing they had named it something else.

406 – on highway 416 finally, turned on radio. It’s country. Hate country but all other stations are French: choose country cause I don’t know french.

407 – love country. Converted

435 – singing along to a song whose lyrics are “you be my honeysuckle I’ll be your honeybee”

440 – at Michelle’s! Yay! Sweaty and gross and no longer pretty.

445 – decide to walk to get race kit

(and swag)


515 – reach the convention centre – I am ridiculously excited about a number


545 – getting race kit and swag after lovely afternoon walk along canal. Have now told Michelle eighteen times I want to move to Ottawa

730 – get stuck in big thunderstorm coming back from getting race kit and swag – now look like this


All in all an exciting day – now for some quinoa an veggies and a good nights sleep!!


And as long as the weather doesn’t do this tomorrow we are gonna be fine



3 responses to “Ottawa Race Weekend Day One

  1. Running a 5k for the first time was one of my all time favorite moments. It sparked a fire in me and I just can’t stop!

  2. I think its sparked one in me too – I signed up for another in Vancouver next month!

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