On Moms and Mom-Like-Figures

Happy Mothers Day! I am not sure exactly of the demographic of my readers because you are all quiet folk — but I see the stats and I know you visit (and appreciate it). So to those of you who are mothers, I hope you had a wonderful day.  For those of you who are not, but who are women, know that to someone you are probably a Mom-Like-Figure, and you deserve appreciation on this day as well.

I made my Mom and both my grandmothers a craft for Mothers Day, which you can read all about on the blog tomorrow,  and had a wonderful time with family today.  But there are often women I would like to acknowledge on Mother’s Day who I never really get the chance to.  Ever since I was little I have been blessed to be surrounded by positive, loving, generous and respectful women who are incredible role models.

My Aunts

I have no biological uncles, as my parents both have two sisters.  My Aunt Chrissy is well known for her “Aunt-Chrissy-treatment” which when we were young amounted to many sleepovers and all-nighters and being allowed to stay up late on the couch.  What I learn from her now is that kindness and generosity can go a long way. I have never met a more positive woman.  My Aunt Eva deserves a mothers day as much as any mother I know, as she opens her heart to animals and has more good friends than most.  She is a lovely, intelligent woman I have always admired.  My Aunt Dawn is an independent woman who knows what she wants and never fails to reach for it. And my Aunt Connie has opened her heart and home to numerous who need her.  I would not be who I am today without knowing these four women (two of whom have children of their own). Happy Mothers Day.

My Role Models

I have many strong female role models in my life, not just my family.  They are women who have overcome many and numerous obstacles and challenges and still are remarkable, generous, people who are forward-thinking and use their experiences to teach others. They are also women with a strong base in their beliefs and faith and with gentleness, kindness and love bring others into the circle they lovingly inhabit.  Although they shall remain nameless, I hope that if they are reading my blog they know who they are, from the newspaper journalist to the mother of two who has opened her home to me to the environmentalist-turned-dancer to the international activist currently living in one of the most dangerous regions of the world.

My Grandma and my Mama

I have been blessed to have my courageous and loving grandmothers for as long as I have. I am about to turn 24, and I am so grateful to be old enough to learn the important lessons from them.  My Grandma Thexton grew up during the great depression in Canada and along with my grandfather froze their earnings in the well in order to save for their, and therefore our, futures.  My Grandma Thexton was the woman who was a school teacher, going away in her teens to board in a neighbouring town to get her education, and refusing to quit after she got married (which many women did those days).  My Mama, my Hungarian grandmother, came from Hungary during the revolution and brought her three young children all under the age of 5 across the border and chose a better life for them in Canada. Once here, she worked so that her children could want for nothing, and she worked hard.  Now, they have what they have and we have what we have because of the decision she made to leave everything she knew for what could be a greater life.  I am so grateful to both of them.

Grandma Thexton, Me and Mama

Both Grandmothers and Me at my Graduation from University

Finally, my Mother

I have never met a stronger woman. I have never met a more generous woman. I have never met someone so unwilling to accept injustice and so willing to do anything to make it right.  My facebook status this morning (I know, a corny way to do it but still, I meant every word):

Happy Mothers Day to a woman I admire, respect and aspire to be like. Your dedication and generosity in your career and with strangers has influenced thousands, and I am so blessed to be able to call you my Mom. You deserve more than just one day. I love you

My mother, as a teacher, vice-principal and then principal has influenced hundreds. She has defended children who cannot defend themselves, she has acted and done what is right even when it was easier to take the other path. Most of all, she raised me and my brother (which at times had to be more difficult than she made it out to be) and did it with a smile and a laugh and a song.  As the most positive and happy person I know she has been an incredible role model for me.  Best of all, she’s a great travel buddy (my favourite).

Me and Mom in NYC.

I love you Mom.  And I am so grateful for the other Mom’s in my life and all the Mom-like-figures. Thank you for all you do.


2 responses to “On Moms and Mom-Like-Figures

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  2. thanks for sharing your sweet comments about your Mom and grandmothers and other women role models!

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