5 Things I Love… About having a dog

This is a new segment that will appear every Saturday called “5 things I love about”

I think we all spend a little bit too much time worrying and fretting and not just experiencing life. So, I’m determined to look at the positive things at least once a week. This week, I chose my dog, because I spent three days dog-sitting her.  They were a fun three days.

1. Having a dog automatically means exercise

Although I fell off the exercise band wagon this week, taking my puppy out for four walks a day (and one of them usually a run) means I’m at least getting outside, regardless of the weather.  Especially since I’m watching her at my parents house where I don’t have a gym membership, four walks a day at 30 minutes apiece means that I was outside running/walking or playing for at least two hours a day.


2. Dogs find joy in everything, and we can learn a lot from them.

Everything is amazing to a dog. A new smell, a new person, a new dog, a new toy, and even old toys. The familiar and the new are all incredible experiences to most dogs.  The way they greet you at the door as if you were gone forever.  The way even if they’re upset or hurt about something they will find it in their heart to forgive you.  I learn a lot from my dog, as weird as that may sound.  Every flower, every dirty sock, every person, every other dog is a new, joyful experience no matter how many times we’ve seen them before.


3. Dogs are fuzzy and usually cute

Who can disagree with this one? Dogs are fun to hug and love. Dare to disagree with me!


4. Dogs are always there for you.

Dogs won’t break your heart, cheat on you, date you and then tell you they have a girlfriend, have a fight with you because you stole their sweater.  They will always hop up on the couch, lick your face, comfort you and play with you.  You are never alone when you have a dog


5. In the end, dogs will protect their clan.

My dog is usually the most friendly animal. She is actually quite timid of new people but will accept them as long as we accept them.  On Monday, a man came to the door offering some sale or service or something and I turned him away, and my dog sat at the door growling and barking and essentially scared him away (you should have seen how fast he made it to the bottom of the steps). I never feel un-safe when I’m alone with my dog because I know she will do anything to protect me.



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