Running Plan Week Two Recap

So Week One of my running plan wasn’t the best success, I made it 4/7 days (and two of those were rest days), but I’m happy to say last week was more of a success.  Although, I’m starting to think that sticking to a pre-made plan for people who don’t work at 5am or 6am every morning isn’t necessarily for me.  If I fail miserably at my 5km though its not the end of the world, I do this for fun and for me, not for a job or work!


Week Two’s recap is as follows:

Sunday’s workout: Strength
Sunday’s actual workout: Strength! I made it outside and did a whole bunch of different moves, all of which were documented on last Monday’s blog here

Monday: speed workout
Monday’s actual: Cross-train.  I switched Monday and Tuesday because my legs were SO sore from my strength workout that running felt out of the question. So I did aerobic biking for 45 minutes.

Tuesday: Cross-train
Tuesday actual: nothing. I was pooped.

Wednesday: rest day
Wednesday actual: I am acing these rest days!

Thursday: tempo workout
Thursday actual: Rest day. I switched this day with Friday because due to a sudden death of a close friend’s father I was more focused on being there for my friend and making it to the visitation and funeral.

Friday: Rest Day
Friday Actual: Tempo workout! YES, I actually ran. It felt great, and I was successful.  It was a 5km tempo workout (3mi) and I made it all the way through. Of course it took me a while but I think that was to be expected seeing as it requires long periods of walking throughout.

Saturday: Distance Run
Friday Actual: Nothing.  I was kind of disappointed but I am still proud I worked out three times, and aced my two rest days. So I got 5/7 days this week. At least it was more than last week!

I am determined not to beat up on myself too much! Good luck to all of you pursuing training and fitness plans, and if you have any advice for this beginner, I’d love to hear it!


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