The greatest night

Ok, so I meant to write about this a week ago but I had a lot of catching up to do on other topics. I may need another blog!! I went to the Raptors game with one of my best friends Kara for her birthday. It turned out to be an epic adventure where things just kept happening and getting better and better.

Kara had never sat in the 100’s before (the lower bowl) so I got tickets there. Before the game, my Dad took us out for dinner at E11even in Toronto – which, I highly recommend both for their burgers, their service (they made Kara her own veggie burger when she asked if it was an option), and their washrooms (voted best in Toronto… and for good reason)

After dinner, we settled in for the game.


We were pretty close right? Now, after laughing insanely at the two people behind us who were complaining to the usher about their bad sandwich, the game started. My parents were across the court, in courtside seats and I spent the entire first period trying to wave to them (and accidentally waving to the ice cream man)… then… I waved madly to win


My VERY OWN 3-D Blu Ray DVD Player. I was PUMPED! I Never win ANYTHING at these games!

So then… just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better… my parents switched seats with us. Suddenly, our view was this.


We were already hyperventilating at this point, until we realized that we were sitting beside Demar Derozan’s fiancee! She, realizing we were both wearing Derozan jerseys, called him over to meet us. 


All in all, we met a basketball superstar, had another one fall on us, got free drinks from the lovely man sitting beside us, met incredible people, won a dvd-bluray player (okay that was me) and had an amazing dinner with my parents.

A great night with a great friend, full of lucky out-of-the-blue experiences!

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