First Day Workout a Success!

So I posted yesterday about how I got 4/7 days of my workout done last week (and two of those were rest days, so really, I only worked out twice) and how I was determined to do better this week. Yesterday was strength day, and I usually suck at this day if only because I’m intimidated by the gym.

But guess what…. SUCCESS! Was mine.

Here’s what I did. I did the following 3x:

– 30 jumping jacks
– 5 pushups
– 25 high knees
– 7 burpees
– 10 crunches
– 7 squats
– 5 pushups
– 10 crunches
– 5 pushups
– 7 squats
– 30 jumping jacks
– 1 minute wall sit
– 5 pushups
– 25 high knees (the last time I did 30)

I did it three times.
At the end I felt really worn out but like I hadn’t done enough, so I crunched (aha.. get it, crunched) the numbers.

In total I did
– 180 jumping jacks
– 60 pushups (my jaw dropped at this one, usually I get to 10 and give up)
– 150 high knees
– 21 burpees (I hate burpees so that impressed me)
– 60 crunches (I could have done more.. I’m upping it to 15 for each next time)
– 42 squats
– 3 minutes of wall sitting.

For my very first strength workout at home I feel like I am victorious! And now, to reward myself with a trip to the scrapbooking store in St. Jacobs!



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