The running plan… and consequent chaos

I started a running plan last Sunday. My race day is May 26th and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose my  mind out there on the course in Ottawa, so a friend who read my one post from last week about me having no clue what I was doing very very helpfully sent me a race plan. Which I promptly put into motion.

Last week I was supposed to work out by doing the following.

Sunday: speed workout for running

Monday: strength training

Tuesday: cross train

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: tempo workout

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Distance

What actually happened was

Sunday: nothing – I didn’t do this first day very well.

Monday: strength with my friend Kara who kicked my abs into high gear and we worked on my arms as well

Tuesday: cross trained on the bike on aerobic setting for 40 minutes

Wednesday: rest, I was very good at this

Thursday: I did not get to running. I ended up working 5-10am and I had to head to Toronto at 3pm and back for midnight so I needed a nap. I didn’t want to die driving. I sacrificed a workout for a nap.

Friday: Rest, again, I’m very good at following this part of the program.

Saturday: distance. I failed miserably at this too. Not sure why, even though it was only yesterday. Ahh… because I was again driving somewhere for a long distance and worked at 6am. Nap trumped workout.

So my first week working on a plan I did 4/7 days properly.  I’m not too upset by this (even though two of those days were technically rest) and I have adjusted my plan so that this week, the rest days fall on the days I wake up at 5am, because I’m pretty convinced that those days are going to equal absolutely no working out.

Week Two: The Plan

Today: It says strength training. I’m going to bring my yoga mat outside and do reps of situps, pushups, and some yoga.  I’m also going to do some wall squats, and some lunges, and follow a stumbleupon plan I found for strength workout at home. I’m really bad at doing strength at the gym alone (I get intimidated) so I figure some outside strength time is better for me today. I WILL DO IT

Monday: Speed workout. I have to get this in, because if I don’t, it means I haven’t ran in over a week. I managed to miss all the running workouts last week… isn’t that the point of having a running plan…. to run?

Tuesday: I’m going to cross train at yoga!

Wednesday: I work at 5am, and it is a rest day. I’m also heading to mississauga for a few days to spend some time with my family and sorting through my ever growing pile of junk. Therefore, I know I won’t be up to working out. Instead, I will most likely be napping.

Thursday: Tempo workout. I will have to remember to bring my ipod home and just hope its a nice day outside, because this tempo workout has to happen.  Walk 1/2 mile, run 1/2 mile fast, recover three minutes and repeat, walking the last 1/2 mile for four miles. I will be out and about in my neighbourhood. I’d take my dog too but she’d run me over.

Friday: Rest. Another good choice cause I’ll be going from Mississauga to Waterloo for work. A good option is if I can’t work out on the Thursday for some reason, to switch this day and that day.

Saturday: Distance run!  Now, I work 6am – 2:30 so I’m in trouble regardless of what happens. BUT. I have the rest of the day to myself. So a one hour nap followed by a light snack and distance run should = happiness.  As long as I don’t sleep too long.

Thanks for joining me as I attempt to finish this plan and actually get somewhere!



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