The MS Walk!

I hope you all had as fulfilling and wonderful weekends as I did! Saturday I spent a lovely day with my family and had a lot of fun watching hockey and playing with the dog, those lazy-kind-of-Saturday things that are so special when you have time for them!

On Sunday, the fundraiser I had been organizing for the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis came to its end! Team Barista, a team of four of us from the Starbucks in my district came together.

My store donated 125.00 in tips and we made a total of over 600.00.  Considering this project was really only on high gear for three weeks (and I had surgery in the middle of it), I’m really proud of our accomplishments! It helped that it was a lot of fun as well.


We all got carnations and certificates at the end (even Dave, our male team member, took home one for his wife!), and the 50$ prize we got for raising 500.00 we decided to donate right back to the cause.

It turned out to be a memorable morning (even if it was cold), with lots of joking and running and trying to catch up to each other. I’m really glad that it all worked out!



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