My Third Place

Part of our goal as Starbucks baristas is to create a “third place” for customers. A place that is not home or work/school (usually places one and two), but a third place — a place where they can come, be themselves, do what they need to do, have a good conversation if they want, but be left alone in peace if they don’t.

I realized yesterday morning that I have my own third place.

And it is another Starbucks.  Although I work at a Starbucks and feel like those coworkers are my family, like any family, after 40 hours a week with them sometimes you need another place to go.

I’m lucky to have four other Starbucks within a 5km radius (that’s Waterloo for you, we are all coffee addicts). I subbed in at this one Starbucks in February for 10 shifts and got to know the baristas and a few customers. I really enjoyed the atmosphere the store provided.

Huge windows looking over where the sun rises plus a beautiful plaza and a slower morning rush makes this Starbucks my perfect third place. Living in a basement apartment with no windows mean I like to move my desk elsewhere, and this Starbucks is the perfect place to do it!

So I wish you all the best in finding your own third place, and remember, it doesn’t have to be unfamiliar. It is wherever you are most comfortable.


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