Fighting Mid-Week Blahs (and a cupcake recipe!)

Happy Mid-Week Everyone!

For me its like a Friday, because I have a day off tomorrow, then one day of work on the actual Friday, and another day off Saturday! It’s pretty exciting!

I figured it was about time I do some baking and experimenting! The last time I baked was in early spring, I made some chocolate cupcakes with fondant daisies for spring. You can see them below

ImageI am actually really really proud of these cupcakes.  They took me quite a few hours to make. The fondant daisies for 24 cupcakes took me about three hours to fully make, and then another 24 hours to form.

The cupcakes themselves (I love my chocolate cupcakes… when I’m experimenting with new icing or new toppings I go to my default chocolate buttercream cupcake recipe) only took me about a half hour to mix and bake, and then they had to cool.

Topping the cupcakes was the best part. I think the daisies are so cute and spring-like. I will post the recipes for the chocolate cupcakes and the other cupcakes I made this week along with my icing recipes as soon as I get the page up and running and link to them from this post.

It was a co-workers birthday this past Saturday and we thought she could use a cheerful at work celebration, so in honour of her 19th I made a trial recipe, some pink lemonade cupcakes! I ran into a little trouble because I was baking at a friends house, and she handed me the 1/2 cup measuring cup instead of the 1 cup measuring cup… so I basically made a half batch and forced them into 24 cupcake holders all the while thinking WHY ON EARTH IS THIS BATCH NOT YIELDING PROPERLY!

We figured it out after when she found the 1 cup measuring cup in her cupboard. It made for a good laugh.

Image  Image

The mistake didn’t seem to affect cupcake quality though.  They were gobbled up by a few regular customers and my co-workers within a few hours! I felt bad for the closers and had to promise to return with more cupcakes specifically for them one day!

Baking makes me so relaxed, and I love bringing joy to some of my regular customers and my coworkers day! The pink lemonade icing turned out perfectly (we had found the right measuring cup by that time) and, as declared by the 6 year old who lives above me “This icing is just so wonderful, its my favourite part!”


Some of my coworkers later admitted to inhaling two or three of them, which I thought was quite the complement!

Later that day, I went volunteering with other members of the Starbucks community from the 10 stores in our district, along with our district manager. The only photo I got was the following, of me and the gloves I then used to pick up garbage along a main road in Kitchener for a few hours! Despite the nature of the work, the community spirit and ability to interact with partners from different stores (as well as some Passion Tea Lemonade), made the day a great one!


Hopefully I’ll have some more photos from my Manager and District Manager soon, I found some pretty cool things in the field of garbage.

I will have those recipes up soon.

Hope this post helped get you over your mid-week hump!

Amalia 🙂


2 responses to “Fighting Mid-Week Blahs (and a cupcake recipe!)

  1. Cupcakes make everything better.

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