On Running (or trying to run)

I calculated the days until my very first race today: 42

I am no where near ready, considering I haven’t even been out on the trails/roads since my wisdom tooth surgery 11 days ago.

Before that I was doing my 5km runs in about 35 minutes, which isn’t fantastic, but I think is pretty good for a beginner who has no idea about pacing or how to carry a water bottle or whether to carry one when she heads out or a multitude of other things. Music, no music? Morning, Afternoon?

So tomorrow morning at 9am I am going to go for my first exercise venture outside of the house since the surgery. I planned one on Friday (slept through my alarm and into my work day so no run there), and today I didn’t want to rush a run before work and needed to finish errands I was supposed to do yesterday.

Therefore, I am heading out tomorrow to the trails, for a walk/jog with a friend who is as enthusiastic as I am but who doesn’t exercise as much as I do. We will probably be well matched for my easy runs. I hope to be out for 45 minutes or so.

Monday I am going to do a 2km run in the afternoon on my own after work, and then Tuesday I will do yoga at the gym.

Hopefully by Wednesday I’ll have a (by then 39 day) plan of how to approach my race! Any advice from experienced runners is greatly, greatly appreciated.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited!

2 responses to “On Running (or trying to run)

  1. hey amalia!
    have you tried googling it? there are LOTS of great run schedules out there, and i’m sure you will find a four week schedule, or a eight week you can modify too. for five ks you probably shouldn’t be bringing out a water bottle with you unless you’ve got one of those “water belts” that you can attach the mini bottles to. be sure to hydrate hydrate hydrate before and after so there is no real need for a bottle.
    when i was training, i told myself nothing was more important. dishes could wait, errands, phone calls, emails, television shows.. and it was great because after a run i would be so energized that i zipped through all the chores that would have had me dragging my feet.
    good luck!

    • I love the last part of your comment Janalee! Its so true — I need to remind myself that everything else can wait! Running is about time for me, and I do feel so much more productive afterwards.
      Also, whenever I see someone has visited my blog from Peru I think of you!!! I hope you are still having an amazing time.

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