First Post!

When I set out to make my blog and started thinking seriously about topics and themes, etc, one of the pieces of advice I got from fellow bloggers, google, and friends alike was “stick to one topic.” My initial response was to make a list of all the topics or ideas I find interesting: I want to be a better runner, I love baking (cupcakes with gumpaste and fondant decorations are my specialty), there is rarely a three month stretch where I don’t travel somewhere, and I am incredibly passionate about working for Starbucks, becoming a paramedic, and things like customer service and management.

Now I ask you — where is the theme in all of that?

After pondering my dilemma for a few days (which actually turned into months) I thought… Why do i have to pick one topic? Sure people may be more interested in one or the other but that’s what tags and links are for.  If one does not want to read anything about my red velvet cupcakes they don’t need to click on anything listed “baking” or “cupcakes.”

But then the matter of organization and lists was brought up and i realized how impossible it would be to efficiently organize everything.

Ironically it was while running the day I received my first real life cupcake job i realized that what I wanted to write about. Life isn’t full of one particular moment, its a whole bunch of moments, motivations and events that keep people going, that get us from one day to the next.

The importance of a good attitude, having a budget, staying calm, they are all things that I learned from all my activities and adventures in life… They aren’t tied to one thing or another.

Suddenly, live-travel-eat-run was born.  Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy sharing my journeys with me.


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